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Series: Raji-Ade Collections
Medium: Studio WC, Somerset Velvet, Epson Premium, Studio Canvas & Lyve Canvas
Sizes and Dimensions: Small - 9"W X 9"H, Medium - 13"W X 13"H & Large- 22"W X 22"H

TITLE: Nupe is of original artwork initially mastered in acrylic oil on Canvas (2021)

DESCRIPTION: In Nupe contemporary artwork which is portrait of a beautiful woman resembling that of a tribe (traditionally called the Nupawa by the Hausas and Tapa by the neighboring Yoruba) are an ethnic group native to the Middle Belt of Nigeria, and are the dominant ethnicity in Niger State, an important minority in Kwara State. The Nupe are also present in Kogi State, as well in the Federal Capital Territory.

Raji-Ade used for Nupe gouache and collage expressionist techniques working in acrylic and oil paint to create colorful bliss using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a glue-like substance common to matured region of the old Oyo empire style painting.

This re-print of his artwork is ideal in full-blown presentation and for high-quality DIY frames of personal choice available in a large type of up to 3' x 4' dimensions for your living environment.

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