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Through imagery, the art that led to Earth's genesis is incredibly beautiful of all living things, places, actions, states of existence, or ideas.  As such, our company was simply formed on basis of love to appreciate and in quest of the hidden, untapped, and exceptionally unique artistry with incredible talents mother-land earth has to offer.


All our talented artists vary in age, vision, imagination, perception, attributes, and are capable of bringing to life stimuli to excite your  “feel good” neurotransmitters with our inspiring artwork products. 

We strive to succeed at crafting off an original artwork of each artist's creative masterpieces and make it affordable for your homes, offices, and design projects to beautify, using giclee technology so real that transforms your environment.  Most of our artwork is also offered in various dimensions and on selective fine cotton paper or canvas medium.


At Bonit Arterra, our artists are our assets and they produce an exquisite and affordable gem of a real original masterpiece that will enhance you as our customer with an unforgettable experience. 


Bonit Arterra's core value is to build a long-term relationship and leap-frog business prospects to success. We will continually beautify your design projects on real commitment and solid quality customer satisfaction. All our artists are part of the Bonit Aterra family built on a foundation of a strong bond, transparency, openness, trust, and hard work.



Specializes in contemporary, collage expressionist, etched grafting techniques working in acrylic and oil paint. Ada is inspired by human facial expression, esoteric love of femininity-masculinity, and complex abstract artworks with emotional underpinnings to real-life experience using a colorful bliss of palette explosion. 


Ada works primarily in acrylics, employing paint drip garnishes, pigment washes, and adept brushwork encapsulating the audience's imagination in a cross-road caught between biblical art and renaissance expression, styles and tone.


Ben Osondu Onuorah is a prolific professional Fine Artist who specializes in painting in charcoal, ink, pen, and acrylic drawings.  Ben has a Master's degree in Information Technology, Educational Technology, and Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Since childhood, his blessings have been associated with that of a talented artist who spends tranquility time working out of his studio.  

Ben pioneered the Osondu, Soul Searcher, and the Parvus Terra (Small World) series of dazzling artwork with strokes effect.  For instance, the Osondu series are collections of 96 in a total of cultural heritage drawings. These drawings are characterized in symmetric lines to portray different social-cultural phenomena. His drawings are inspired by the rich Igbo African tribe's philosophical ideology such as the Uli and Nsibidi designs.   


In most of his artwork, pattern lines are deliberately organized to dazzle and mesmerize the Artist himself and the viewer to instill different motives, also having in them thin and thick lines to show off perpetual and concentric movements. 

During each artistic creative process, the artist strives to soothe the complexity of the human mind, enhances thought processes, and magnifies our imagination. With either ink pen or charcoal over the paper, he tells individual stories without necessarily planning the outcome that ends up making sense in whole of life and narratives in other cultures.

Ferdinand "Guchi" CHUKS

Gucci is an entrepreneur and owner of GuchiUnltd Studios who specializes in Visual Arts,  Commissioned self-portrait art, and Photography. 

Part of his passion boils down to making smiles, staging memorable poses for optimal photo shoots for models, families, nature, and his clients.  His trust for processing is an immaculate mesh of well-coordinated clockwork because they work like magic and he always sees the very fine product at the beginning with cool and colorful results.  Guchi is always positively motivated by the joy of success, not to compete and compare.  


Eyitayo is an Artist who works with charcoal pencil and Acrylic paint, a contemporary, soul artist and the owner of Jayman Art Gallery who specializes in commissioned artwork, advanced 3-D facial illusion on a plain medium dimension, and various ethnic portraits comprising of beautiful boys, girls, men, and women.  What is noticeably crystal clear about his charcoal and acrylic on canvas masterpieces is that they are so revealing and evident of how real Nubian skin can be, with the only thing left is to touch.


Eyitayo's style of painting is uniquely bound, beautiful, impressive, and magical as described by admirers.


Francis Denedo is a creative Fine Artist and an exponential experimentalist who loves to beat metals to submission.  There are no limits to Francis's imaginations when from the beginning of sketched caricatures from paper to carving mud or heating-hitting hot metals to life with repurposed metal construction medium.


Whatever he sets his mind on is achievable with a high sense of consistency and purpose.  His determination can be witnessed in his creations of the female metal sculpture series, of extravagant expression of the beauties and charms of unadulterated African women like that of "Freya & Freve" under his collection.  Therein, you can witness experimentation with unusual materials and processes to create a composition, with a balance of two 9 feet physically tall sculptures which force us to capture his creations locked in time.  Images of his artwork are ideal as stacked frames in your living environment.


Muyiwa is a contemporary fine artist whose stylish creations when initially first discovered seem all  "on steroids" and quite exclusively notable.  This maestro knows how to orchestrate facial expressions so telling and synthesize 2-dimensional composition mainly with charcoal on paper and acrylic oil on canvas. 


He is a painter known for many eye-popping individual portraits to belove of their uniqueness and irregularities inspired by his country's popular culture and folk art style that explore questions of identity,  gender, class, pre colonialism days, and race in African society mainly along the Yoruba region, not limited to the western world traditions.  


Raji-Ade David is a prolific contemporary and collage expressionist Artist.   He had his early education in John Aderinkomi's studio of Art before proceeding to the famous Auchi Art School in 2005 to study art, where he received an OND and HND in painting and general art.


Raji-Ade's artistic style has ancient Oyo empire anecdote entrenched.  He has also taken part in several group exhibitions and his works can be found in many homes and offices in Africa and abroad.  His artworks have been showcased in many exhibitions and won several awards.   


Usually, Raji the artist does not paint for an audience but himself and it is only by satisfying himself that he truly satisfies others.


Stanley specializes in Visual Arts and is a commissioned self-portrait art expert.  Most of his drawings consist of female beauty, nature, and his love for animals.  He likes to magnify his model's mood, lust, gentleness, and existence.


TalentArtz specializes in Visual Arts,  commissioned self-portrait art expert in a pencil arts expressionist style, Talent Artz amplified the excellence of pencil simply on immaculate paper. In his recent Honey Face artwork, he captured and elevated natural female beauty with maximum visual effect depicted with dripping honey so real to symbolize infusion of firm beauty ritual with honey benefits that the beauty as come.


Tobi resides and lives in the heart of Arts city.  The epicenter of the sacred grove of the river goddess Ọsun deity where Tobi grew up surrounded by rich cultural traditions, and heritage.  His wide color spectrum use and busy cascading pattern style are conspicuous to protégées from his region of early influencers with artistry balanced DNA.  

Compelling or not to some viewers, Tobi's masterpieces are quite exotic, dramatic and he believes his work is a mystery because he paints through vision.  Often with a blistering vortex color palette.   Tobi loves to paint wonders on every medium.  Tobi the artist is extremely simple nice and easy-going who loves to travel, meet people and make friends. 


Tosin is an indigenous, diligent, hybrid lino printmaker and multi-talented artist born in the late 1980s  when his basic inspirations and early education began.

Tosin's love of exploration influenced his current art rendition success because since childhood many positive dedicating efforts led him to become a seasoned art graduate and an acute philanthropist who loves to redefine and create artwork with other artists, to perfection.

Intense practice, researches, and discovery exposed Tosin to many ideologies and adoption of his print-making distinctive style from LINOCUT as a graphic specialist.  He also works with mixed media and art installations because he believes art is all about creativity and everything is beautiful. 

His traditional heritage and background blend into modern exposure, as most of his works are coined from nature, philosophy of life, our day-to-day activities of historic occurrence,  and personal life experience through imagination.   Tosin the artist believes art is life with individual unique representation and expression of inner thoughts or feelings in relation to creativity and aesthetics.


Henry Unuigboje was born in the 80s and has several national and higher national diplomas in Sculpture. Currently, he paints and masters the art of carving, modeling, or welding hard materials into 3-D visual arts that operate in three-dimension art design, full time.


Emeka Juwah is a visual artist who specializes in paintings and sculpture.  He paints with oil, acrylics, and watercolors and prefers prepped-sanded wooden panels for painting. He makes good realistic drawings and transforms figures, especially that of a woman so significant and noticeable with an amusing long neck, nose and loves using green color.  His style is rich in cultural heritage as he likes to dazzle with facial tribal and social markers to reflect the mood with a strong sense of symbolic significance.

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