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Medium: Charcoal and Acrylic on canvas
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Series: Eyitayo Alagbe
Medium: Archival Matte,, Moab Entrada Bright White, Moab Entrada Rag Natural, Studio WC, Somerset Velvet, Epson Premium, Studio Canvas & Lyve Canvas
Sizes and Dimensions: Small - 11"W X 15"H, Medium - 19"W X 25"H & Large - 23"W X 31"H

TITLE: Lucita is of original wall art initially mastered in Charcoal and Acrylic on canvas (2021)

DESCRIPTION: In Lucita contemporary artwork, Eyitayo worked with charcoal pencil and Acrylic paint as a soul artist. This is part of his series of various ethnic portraits comprise of beautiful boys, girls, men, and women. What is so noticeably crystal clear about his charcoal and acrylic on canvas masterpieces is that they are so revealing and evident of how real Nubian skin can be, with the only thing left is to touch. Eyitayo's style of painting is uniquely bound, beautiful, impressive, and magical as described by admirers.

This re-print of his artwork is ideal in full-blown presentation and for high-quality DIY frames of personal choice available in a large type of up to 3' x 4' dimensions for your living environment.

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