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Original Artwork - Gouache & Paper on Canvas (21.4"W X 26.4"H) : 850 USD
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Series: Oshun
Medium: Archival Matte,, Moab Entrada Bright White, Moab Entrada Rag Natural, Studio WC, Somerset Velvet, Epson Premium, Studio Canvas & Lyve Canvas
Sizes and Dimensions: Small - 11"W X 14"H, Medium - 15"W X 19"H & Large - 24"W X 30"H

Original Artwork available: - Gouache & Paper on Canvas (21.4"W X 26.4"H) : 850 USD (Call to order. Shipping, included)

TITLE: Lovers is of original artwork initially mastered in Gouache on Acrylic oil on Canvas (2020)

DESCRIPTION: In Lovers cultural and heritage artwork under Oshun Series, Tobi created this exotic and dramatic masterpiece with a blistering vortex color palette as he loves to paint wonders on every medium. His wide color spectrum use and busy cascading pattern style are conspicuous to protégées from his region of early influencers with artistry balanced DNA.

This re-print of his artwork is ideal in full-blown presentation and for high-quality DIY frames of personal choice available in a large type of up to 3' x 4' dimensions for your living environment.

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