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Series: Ada Collections
Medium: Moab Entrada Rag Bright, Moab Entrada Rag Natural, Studio WC, Somerset Velvet, Studio Canvas & Lyve Canvas
Sizes and Dimensions: Small - 8"W X 10"H, Medium - 14"W X 18"H, Large - 18"W x 23"H & X-Large - 28"W x 35"H

TITLE: Boterismo is of original wall art initially mastered in acrylic oil on Canvas (2021)

DESCRIPTION: In Boterismo contemporary artwork, Ada used collage expressionist, etched grafting techniques working in acrylic and oil paint to create. Ada is inspired by human facial expression, esoteric love of femininity-masculinity, and complex abstract artworks with emotional underpinnings to real-life experience using a colorful bliss of palette explosion.

Ada works primarily in acrylics, employing paint drip garnishes, pigment washes, and adept brushwork encapsulating the audience's imagination in a cross-road caught between biblical art and renaissance expression, styles, and tone.

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