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Series: Raji-Ade Collections
Medium: Studio WC, Somerset Velvet, Epson Premium, Studio Canvas & Lyve Canvas
Sizes and Dimensions: Small - 11"W X 14"H, Medium - 14"W X 18"H & Large- 24"W X 30"H

TITLE: Bingo is of original artwork initially mastered in acrylic oil on Canvas (2021)

DESCRIPTION: In Bingo contemporary artwork which is a common pet dog name in many parts of the world and created with dog lovers in mind, Raji-Ade used gouache and collage expressionist techniques working in acrylic and oil paint to create colorful bliss using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a glue-like substance common to matured region of the old Oyo empire style painting.

This re-print of his artwork is ideal in full-blown presentation and for high-quality DIY frames of personal choice available in a large type of up to 3' x 4' dimensions for your living environment.

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